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10 Article Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Website

Posted by: | Posted on: July 7, 2014

Article marketing is not really rocket science. If you like writing and love putting words with each other and are aware of the principles of spelling and sentence structure usage, then you might be a whole lot closer to becoming excellent at this type of promoting.Imanuel Jannah

article marketing tips


Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves, their company or their field of expertise as a marketing strategy.

As a result of browsing some other articles as well as your past ones, you might discover a large amount of tips that are essential to your internet marketing success. The more knowledgeable you grow to be with marketing, of course the more you’ll learn of exactly what to avoid and what to do.

Also, there are things to avoid as well as things you want to focus on with article marketing. That’s why I have prepared and presented the following article marketing tips to help you succeed: Read More …

5 Techniques for Effective Blog Marketing.

Posted by: | Posted on: July 3, 2014
Blog marketing is the process of reaching a business’ prospects through the use of a blog. It has a lot of power to attract web traffic, turn that traffic into customers, and make several sales a day. Imanuel Jannah

blog marketing

Blog marketing is any process that publicizes or advertises a website, business, brand or service via the medium of blogs. You can use blog marketing to sell any product on earth, from a house, to a car, to a computer to a software package, to a pen or paper, as long as you can earn a commission, blog marketing is the perfect way to make sales.

The following are four simple techniques you can use four achieving effectiveness in blog marketing:

1. Be an Expert and Build Authority:
To achieve effectiveness in your blog marketing effort, you need to become an expert in a profitable niche. Automobile products require you to have deep knowledge about automobile. Your blog post is the sales man and a poor blog post will not make a reader stay long and much less purchase anything from you. Start by perfecting your knowledge about those profitable niches and turn blog marketing into a power house of money.

2. Write Relatively Long Blog Posts:
You need to write long blog posts. Small blog posts do not present the reader with much expertise, do not show you are a true expert, just another writer trying to sell them something. Longer blog posts possess more keyword count and keyword diversity. The ideal blog post is always at least four hundred keywords long and the perfect blog post at least one thousand keywords long. Those writers with free time should aim to keep the blog post as long as possible specially for expensive products. Trying to sell a computer and earning 20% of the revenue? You definitely need to write at least three thousand words, like a sales letter.

3. Get Readers Interested in Your Expertise:
Keeping your reader interested in reading more about your expertise is another portent techniques for achieving effectiveness in your blog marketing activities. If the directory allows, place several related reading links and focus on the product, send the reader to a blog post that is similar to the blog post the reader just read. For example you can write about computer search and in another blog post internet search or computer desktop search. All topics must be either exact or very similar.

4. Aim Higher in Your Blog Marketing Effort:
Aim to keep your blog post views high all the time, this salesman is very important but only if the salesman is getting customers. Send your blog post to all directories, Facebook if you have interested friends, Twitter if your followers love article marketing and StumbleUpon and Digg and all other networks that allow articles to be added and indexed. The more the better, this is a key component to success!

One blog post has enough power to deliver endless traffic, as long as the article is cared about. To care about a blog post means to constantly increase its size, adding new information, make it fresh. There is no sense in writing a ton of low quality articles that no one reads or clicks.

5. Use Rich Keywords:
Finally, your blog marketing techniques must be developed by learning new keywords. Google is blind to anything but keywords and so are readers. Research deeply the right keywords, keep them fresh and use them all each one in a new blog post. Do not combine keywords to confuse search engines and readers.

Remember the final goal is to convert a reader into a customer and then into a loyal reader and finally a loyal customer.

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FACTS: Most Websites are Unsuccessful Websites

Posted by: | Posted on: June 30, 2014
Most website owners make mistakes that kill their websites chance for success. But it’s not entirely their fault.Imanuel Jannah

unsuccessful websites
Frankly, there are a ton of unsuccessful websites out there. Some built by unversity students, some home grown from a free or paid template, and some built by people who should know a whole lot better (including some of my earlier sites I must admit!)

Here are some examples of unsuccessful websites:

1. You’ve seen them – websites that contain all flash and no content.

2. Websites that takes several minutes to load (even on fast broadband),

3. Websites that have confusing or missing navigation.

4. Websites that are nothing but a bunch of ads that try to send you off
elsewhere to find the answers that you were promised you’d find there.

5. Then there’s the sales letters websites that go on for 3 – 4 screen lengths with endless hype and dodgy testimonials!!

6. Websites that bombard you with pop-ups the second you arrive…

I could go on (believe me). Let’s just say there are a lot of sub-standard sites out there. If you’re looking for site for your business or even if you have one, you don’t want to be like them… do you?

You might say to me “But there are also many good sites out there, too”
True. But even they have it hard. They are competing against each other AND the dross – here’s the kicker – all for one of the 10 places in the search engines that matter – the page 1 listings.

Think about it: There are only TEN places and there might be hundreds of thousands of good websites or even millions of sites fighting for one of them.

So from this point of view, 99%+ of all sites could be classed an unsuccessful website. They never realize their true potential and seldom get beyond page 10 or 20.

What does that mean for your site (or soon to be, site)?

First thing is make sure it doesn’t fall into the disaster categories mentioned above. Next is make sure it really easy for the search engines to work out what your site is about, so you rank as well as you can. And finally make sure you have more than one traffic generating strategy in place and
don’t put all your eggs in the “first page on google” basket.

Remember from a business viewpoint a website is a marketing tool! Treat it like one and it will serve you well.

Who am I to Tell You What To Do, Anyway? Let me introduce myself.

My name is Imanuel Luminous Jannah, and I run a web design/development company called VIPWebDesigns. I am based in Anambra state Nigeria, and have been in IT for over 6 years and
a web designer for over 3.

I have built many very successful websites. I have also built some not so successful ones. Especially in my early days. But that was a long time ago.
The proof of this is I personally make a very good living from the business generated solely from my own website.

Through learning, trail and error and sometimes pure luck I have developed a very good idea of what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to making a website successful.

Hopefully by sharing this with you I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made (but no longer do… ehem….)

Yes, I am a web designer and developer. Yes, I would love to build your website for you. But this post is not really about that. Instead I enjoy speaking to you as a business owner who wants to help you.

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Facebook Remains Teens’ Favorite Social Media – Reports

Posted by: | Posted on: June 30, 2014
Contrary to recent reports about teens leaving Facebook in droves, new study indicates Facebook remains the favorite social media among teenagers.Imanuel Jannah

favorite social media

It turns out Facebook is the favorite social media among the over 20 crowd after all, according to a Forrester poll of 4,517 American teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17.

To get a more accurate read on how Facebook stacks up against other social networks, American youths were asked if they use social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr and how often they frequent the sites.

According to the poll, more than 75 percent of online youth use Facebook as their favorite social media — that’s double the number of those who use Pinterest, Tumblr and Snapchat, and more than those who use Instagram and WhatsApp combined.

Of that 75 percent, 28 percent say they use it “all the time,” a higher percentage than that enjoyed by any other social networks.

Forrester analyst Nate Elliott said Facebook has nothing to worry about because it obviously has no problem attracting or retaining teen users.

“The sky is not falling,” he said, adding that predictions of doom by Ivy League researchers were not based in fact.

“Ever since Facebook CFO David Ebersman admitted last October that young teens were visiting the site slightly less frequently, most have accepted as fact that young people are fleeing Facebook en masse,” said Elliott.

“But if you take a closer look at the data it tells a very different story. Sure, many data sources show that Facebook’s usage among young people has declined slightly — but the drops are small, and the huge majority of this audience still uses the site. For instance, that comScore report only found a three-percentage-point drop in college-aged adults’ Facebook usage and reported that 89 percent of this audience still used Facebook — far more than used any other social site.”

So, if Forrester is right, Facebook will live to connect us all as our favorite social media for many days to come.

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11 tips to keep in mind while choosing an affiliate program.

Posted by: | Posted on: June 28, 2014
The best rule of thumb is to pick affiliate programs that offer something that’s relevant to your site.Imanuel Jannah



choosing an affiliate program

Because there are such a large number of affiliate programs to choose from and many are structured differently, here are 11 tips to keep in mind while choosing an affiliate program.

When choosing an affiliate marketing program choose the one that sell the kind of products and services that you can market online successfully. You need to be sure you are comfortable with the product you’re promoting or selling and you have confidence in the advertiser you are linking to.

To sell a product you have to be convincing. If you don’t really know much about a product, it would be difficult convincing others to buy, although some companies would give you a sales message on how to promote their product, so you won’t have to bother your head over that anymore. You may also choose affiliate programs that you can easily market on your website.

If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing, you need to
sell to a lot of people so as to increase the level of your commission.
Now, you need to select the type of product that is desirable, what I am
trying to say? If the product is good, it would even sell on its own. All
you just have to do is present it to the potential buyers.

In choosing an affiliate program, look for one that offers real-time statistics. It is always very encouraging to see how your hand work is paying off. You must be able to access updated statistics online at anytime. If you will have to wait that long to see your statistics, you are more likely to lose interest in the program. But if you are continuously informed about how your sales and commissios are pilling up, it would give you motivation to further promote the program.

While most affiliate marketing programs will support countries like USA,
CANADA AND UK, some affiliate programs may not support countries
like Ghana or Nigeria. For example, CLICK BANK does not accept
Nigerians, although that would no longer be a problem because I am
going to teach you how to register for affiliate programs on such websites
legally as a Nigerian.

Cookies are small computer programs a website uses to save information
on a visitor’s computer which can be recalled whenever the visitor comes
back to the website. The advantage is that, if the customer did not buy on
the first visit to that website, when he/she comes back later to purchase
that product, it is with the help of these cookies that the website owner would be able to track this type of sale.

Since the first visit of that visitor was made through your link, you will
still get paid when the visitor comes back to purchase the product. Also
find this out when you are choosing an affiliate program so that none
of your effort would be in vain.

When choosing an affiliate program, you need to make sure that the company you are promoting is genuine and very trusted and that they have already established an online presence.

You also need to find out if they are reliable, that is, the system for
tracking orders and sale must be reliable. They must have a
comprehensive statistics page, listing the number of click through sales so
you can be able to know how well you are doing in your campaigns.
What is the quality of their service? You must be able to answer all these
questions and decide if you will like the payment schedule, like
www.Clickbank.com pay as often as every two weeks while others like
www.amazon.com pay quarterly, some pay weekly i.e. every Monday, Tuesday etc.

You may also need to search the internet for news on the affiliate you
want to join and check whether they have positive or negative publicity
and also find out about the quality of their service.

Your affiliate marketing program must help you to succeed after all your
success is their success. This is an important consideration you must make when choosing an affiliate program.

Any affiliate program you choose must offer top level support. That is, it
must be able to answer your questions satisfactorily and in time. They
must provide you with up-to-date information about your click-through

Your affiliate marketing program should also provide you with
information and tutorials on how to succeed in your business. Choose an
affiliate that has a blog, user groups and forums that will help you
succeed. A good affiliate marketing program should provide you with
sales materials like banners, text links or html codes if applicable.

When choosing an affiliate program, you should also check the payment procedure of the affiliate program. What is the minimum balance cheque or commission that can be cashed out?

Decide if you will like their payment schedule. Some websites like www.clickbank.com sends out checks every two weeks once your commission reaches $100 , but other website’s payout could be $50, $25 etc. It all depends on the policy of the website you are affiliated to.

Look for programs that have a two-tier payment structure whenever you’re choosing an affiliate program. Not only will you get small commission from the sales you generated through your promotions, but you will also receive a smaller commission from sales generated through other affiliates referred by you.

Two-tier programs are not so common, but if you are lucky to find a good
one, you will definitely reap good rewards. I’ll recommend two excellent
two-tier programs for you; they are site sell and the marketing centre.

The common means of payments online includes, Paypal, e-Payza, Liberty Reserve and through Checks . I would discuss later how you will receive your money using any of these payments means right here in Nigeria.

When choosing an affiliate, remember to, first, obtain answer to the question: What is the Advertiser really offering affiliates?

Make sure you understand the affiliate agreement and that you can comply with it. Take the time to check out the advertiser before joining to ensure they really do pay out to affiliates and that their program is not a scam.

Have a look at what the advertiser is offering in terms of tracking and reporting tools for affiliates. Good programs will provide you with a way to access real-time automated statistics to view conversions, sales and commissions.

Be sure you have ad and product display options to integrate the advertising into your Web site. Can you change the colors, themes and choose from a selection of different sized banners and buttons?  With this type of service it means a little less work for you, the affiliate, and it also means your affiliate program meshes with your site.  Some higher-pay programs may look attractive, but may offer a higher commission because they might not provide support and tools to their affiliates. If this is the case, make sure you determine if this program will be too high-maintenance for you before joining.

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How to Make a Website Popular in Search Engine Results

Posted by: | Posted on: June 28, 2014

Several research reports have indicated that 90% of those who find websites by searching for information, products, or services use serach engines. Also, that 90% out of those users, do not go past the first 30 results displayed.Hope you can now see why its necessary to learn how to make a website popular in these results. Imanuel Jannah
how to make a website popular

A Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is that page you and I see after we type in a search query any search engines and click on the Search button.

A SERP is one of the most important page on the internet, because 90% of us employ search engines to find what we are looking for.

As can be seen on the image above, A Search Engines Result Pages (SERP) can be broadly divided into two categories: “Organic” or ”Natural” listings and Paid Advertisements usually bought on a “Pay Per Click” (PPC) basis.

It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user (Webopedia, 2014).

An estimated 80% of clicks at search engines occur within the organic listings not the PPC listings. This is why is it important to learn how to make a website popular in search engine result pages. Getting your site to become popular is not tricky; it’s just a matter of having good search engine optimization on your website.

Search engine optimization is a system of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by becoming popular and obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP)

Good quality SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.

Here are 3 simple tips on how to make a website popular in search engine results page:

Target Your Focus keywords:
SEO is pretty much common sense, search engines are text analysis systems so if your webpage is full of images with little text your site will not become popular in search engines. You need to target each Focus keyword on different pages. So if you want to target the search terms “web development” you need to have one page with the title “web development” and lots of text about “web development”. To me this is just common sense but then I have been working in the SEO field for a number of years.

However, it makes me wonder why people still title their home pages “home” or have their business name on the title of every single page of their websites. The owners probably search for their websites and are pleased when it comes up first in search engine results page. This is only good for web users that know your company which is fine for large brands like Facebook or eBay, but if you’re trying to gain great traffic from for daily internet users you need to optimize your text for the search engines.

Build Trust and Authority:
The other aspect of getting popular on SERPs is trust and authority. It is relatively no different than any other business trying to gain trust and a good reputation. let’s forget the cyber world for a moment and focus on the real world.

Established businesses have much more clout that new start up businesses. Like your favorite fast-food joint. If a new fast-food joint opened up just down the street you might not want to chance eating there and stick with your favorite fast-food joint. Now if you hear that its gaining a good reputation for good food you might then decide to try it out yourself. The same can be said about websites except the trust you get is via an algorithm. The more links you get from already established trusted (authoritative) sites the more search engines will trust you. It makes sense really, because a good website will not link to a rubbish or irrelevant and unrelated website.

Still on how to make a website popular in search engine results page, another aspect of trust  to consider is doing things with the search engines terms and conditions. This means building links naturally and using keywords excessively. Adding 700 pages in one day is an artificial and outrageous progression, search engines like websites to grow naturally, anything else and their warning lights flash which means they might look into your site and possibly hit hard with some penalties.

Build easy to Navigate Websites:
One other way to become popular in a SERP is to do everything the search engines like. This means building websites that are easy to navigate (so users and the crawlers can find every page easily), develop lots of good relevant interesting content and plenty of trusted links.

Also, make your website the best site on the internet in your chosen niche and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

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Making $8000/monthly Through Affiliate Marketing

Posted by: | Posted on: June 21, 2014
If you have a Web site or blog and are looking for a way to earn income from your online property, consider affiliate marketing programs.Imanuel Jannah

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe a revenue-sharing plan where an online automated marketing program lets Webmasters place an advertiser’s banner ads or buttons on their own Web site. Webmasters will receive a referral fee or commission from conversions when a customer has clicked the affiliate link and performs the desired action, such as make a purchase or opt-in for downloads or newsletters on the advertiser’s site. Advertisers invest in affiliate programs for lead generation, and, of course, sales.

Not all affiliate plans work in the same way or pay the same rates. Some enable you to place text or image hyperlinks to products or a Web site, others allow you to set up a shopping or store page that offers products related to the content of your Web site, and others require you to simply place general advertising banners or buttons.

The payouts for Webmasters also varies, but in the most common forms the affiliate is paid per click, each time a person clicks the ad (pay-per-click) or you may be paid a commission when a sale is made (pay-per-sale) or you might be paid by lead (pay-per-lead).

Affiliate Marketing is actually based on a very simple concept, it is about
helping people who market their products and services online sell them and in return, you earn a commission/percentage on each sale you help them make. Simple and straight!

No website of your own is required; you don’t have to come up with a product of your own as well, all you need do is choose a way to promote someone else’s product successfully and in return, you will get a reward for doing so.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is an arrangement between an online merchant and affiliate (you), in which the affiliate earns a commission for generating sales, leads and/or clicks for the merchant’s website. Also, when you send people to someone else’s website to sign up for something, maybe to fill out a form or survey, or download a software, you also get paid.

For example, many credit card companies will pay you between $5 and $20 in commission for each visitor that you send to their site who completes a credit card application, and up to $55 for those whose applications are approved.

Here’s another example. If you promote an Elite TR6633 Treadmill which sells for $6,495.00 as an affiliate of Mega Fitness, they will pay you a 10%
commission… which is $649.50!

Now imagine if you are able to make 10 sales in each month selling this Elite
TR6633 Treadmill alone, let’s do the maths, 10sales x 649.50=$6,495. If we should convert that amount to naira. That means you can easily earn
N1,039,200 in one month from just this product alone!

Mind you, you can have as many products as you like that you are promoting. That is nobody’s business. How much you will earn depends in part on the products you choose to sell, I’ll show you exactly how to find the best companies and products to promote.

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